Fun, Funds, and Connection at the MKP/WW Holiday Gathering and FUNraiser

by Tom Biesanz on 12/24/2015

Mankind Project Santa Barbara and Women Within Holiday Gathering
Thank you to everyone for participating in this year’s Holiday Gathering and FUNraiser, whether you were part of the team, donated an auction item, donated tickets, and/or attended, it all made a difference.

Thanks to Woman Within for partnering with us and showing up in full force.

Thank yous to the following for helping with the event: Vince Chafin, Len Van Nostrand, Nadav Sklar, Lisa Ann Rood, Katie Mickey, Mandie Engel, Monica Jayne, Steven Libowitz, Patrick Praetorius, Kevin Hauber, Bryan Uhrig, Elaine Gale, Roc Lowry, Tom Biesanz, Dean Butler, Walter Witkowski, Cindy Christensen, and others.

Shout outs to Trica Saroya for personalizing the site with her decorations and helping things go smoothly. Ken Cohen for donating coffee, tea, and desert courtesy the Cappuccino Connection. Jim Cutsinger for providing technical support and sound engineering, sound system provided by Gary Atkins. David Courtenay for providing live music. Simon and Tamra for the awesome Authentic Relating Games. Palaka Sauer and Bliss Cafe for catering the event. And DJ Marcelino Sepulveda for spinning the tunes.

Special appreciation to: Scott McGregor, Ken Frye and Sierra Butler for their support and dedication.

On the statistical side, we had 87 people in attendance and raised over $3,000 for MKPSB.
James Wapotich receiving the Ron Hering Award in Mankind Project Santa Barbara



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